Jim G,
an eternal student
of life


a hypothetical destination ... say who is this walkin' man? He's both a radical and a conservative. In his own way. Read more about me ... --> Click here

Book Authors that I Recommend:

  • Susan Greenfield
  • Daniel N. Robinson
  • Antonio Damasio
  • John Searle
  • Gerald Edelman
  • Bernard Baars

Courses From The Teaching Company That I've Completed:

  • Great Minds of Western Civilization
  • Rome and the Barbarians
  • The Old Testament
  • Mystery of Consciousness
  • Comparative Religions
  • The Wisdom of History
  • Understanding Complexity
  • The Civil War
  • Great Ideas of Philosophy

Profile Information

About Me:
Interested in the Brain, the Mind, and Consciousness, for starters. My own "Philosophy of Mind" is Dualist / Interactionist, but ultimately I'm a "monist"; it has to be "all one" in the end. But that ONE END is going to be much more than Science, as we know it today! I'm also interested in modern physics and cosmology, photography, Zen practice, the historical view of Jesus and his movement, old cities in the Northeastern US, vegetarian cooking, political analysis, and maybe the betterment of humankind -- if that's still possible. (Let's hope so.)
Places I've Lived:
Essex County,
New Jersey


Carlton Hill, New Jersey


Arlington, Virginia


Places I've Studied:
Rutgers Juris Doctor (Law)

Newark, NJ

Rutgers Master of Arts

Newark, NJ

New Jersey Inst. Tech B. Science
(Industrial Eng.)

Newark, NJ

Food I Eat:
Vegetarian Love to cook and bake, but I keep it simple and meatless!
Jobs I've Held:
Railroad Switchman Delivery Driver Industrial Engineer Article Editor Economic Analyst Grant Writer Government Bureaucrat
"You have to shovel manure before you can grow flowers. Grime and beauty, all the same circle."